​Azziz & Associates, LLC is a provider of management and strategic consulting services to the healthcare, biotechnology (biomedical, pharmaceutical, and device), and higher education and academic industries. We not only assist US-based organizations achieve their goals, but provide consulting services around the world to ensure our global partners gain the information they need to exercise best practices, provide top service to their clients, and compete handily in their markets. 

Azziz & Associates, LLC is a team of experienced professionals, providing specialized and unique consulting services in three separate, albeit strongly synergistic, areas of expertise, including healthcare organization and practice; biomedical, pharmaceutical and device research, discovery and technology transfer; and higher education & academic medicine. Through our unique blend of advisory services and technical consulting expertise, combined with our extensive multidimensional experience, we are able to address the business needs of this complex sector. We invite you to learn about who we are, and welcome you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization.